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Introduction To BlockMyTalent

What is BlockMyTalent?

BlockMyTalent is the first freelancing marketplace, focused on disrupting conventional freelancing platforms using Blockchain Technology and Ether (aka Ethereum) Cryptocurrency effectively. Through our platform, you can experience fair and hassle-free engagement in a competitive space by utilizing the power of Blockchain Technology.

Seamless Global Payment
Experience quick and secure payments for all the contracts that you create and execute on our platform. Irrespective of your physical location across the globe, be assured that your payment is received in Ether (aka Ethereum) at a very low fee.
Fair Pay
Fair Pay is our thoughtful and transparent payment policy which provides payment protection both for the employer and the freelancer assuring payments through an innovative escrow mechanism for each contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Low-cost Transaction Fee
Our Low-cost Transaction Fee is the sole reason for BlockMyTalent becoming the most awaited freelancing marketplace. While most freelancing platforms promise low fee and charge users at various stages (like post job, submit proposals, hire, and so on), BlockMyTalent charges only a sliding fee for payments executed on our platform.
Ethereum Network
Built on one of the most extensive public blockchain network (Ethereum Network), BlockMyTalent ensures fair trade between the employers and the freelancers by eliminating fraud and third-party intervention providing a sophisticated freelancing experience.
Immutable Contracts
BlockMyTalent stores all contract activities as tamper-proof records on Ethereum Blockchain, making it virtually impossible to alter the data. This sets the foundation for our fair arbitration system and ensures that parties stay true to their commitment.